Mythic Dragons of Nightmare down -- 1/15/17!

by Elinn, 3 days ago

A great way to end the tier!

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Heroic Helya down -- 1/10/17!

by Elinn, 8 days ago

Our first new kill of the new year!

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We've moved!

by Elinn, 29 days ago

After many, many years battling the horde on Stonemaul, we decided that it was time to enjoy the peace and quiet of a PvE realm.  We now reside on the Whisperwind server, and we hope all DB members will join us in our new home.  If you don't want to invest in transferring your Stonemaul characters, you should consider re-rolling so that you can experience the joys of leveling without being ganked!

A version of Dulce Bellum will still exist on Stonemaul, so if you've been away for awhile, you won't find yourself homeless.  Things might get a little lonely with our main core of players gone, so please come visit us on Whisperwind!  We hope to see you soon!

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