Heroic Twin Ogron down -- 12/14/14!

by Elinn, 5 days ago

We successfully dodged the most annoying "don't get hit by the bad" mechanic in the game to date.  Hooray for us!

Watch live video from Martzell on Twitch

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Heroic Kargath Bladefist down -- 12/2/14!

by Elinn, 17 days ago

Great job, everyone!  We downed the first boss of the expansion with little effort, only to be defeated afterwards by that most formidable of adversaries: the server boss.  

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Mythic Garrosh down -- 10/19/14!

by Elinn, 61 days ago

We beat the game!  So what if it was a heavily nerfed game?  We still won!

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