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Gamer Launch Partners

Launched in January of 2011, Boss Blueprint was developed so MMO players can create visual boss strategies and share them with anyone. An alternative to hand-drawn strategies, Boss Blueprint provides clutter-free, birds-eye-view images accompanied with a palette of familiar icons for maximum ease of use.

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Epic Slant Press

Epic Slant provides solid information covering guild leadership, mmo design and other great coverage. Epic Slant Press is also the publisher of a The Guild Leader's Companion which contains a wealth of information relating to guild management and guild leadership.

The Tor Syndicate Community and Podcast

The TOR Syndicate is a top Star Wars: The Old Republic community and podcast. Check them out for Star Wars: The Old Republic news and information and an awesome SWTOR Podcast.

Game Over Radio

Game OverRadio - Media, Music & Commentary for the MMO gaming community. Our live DJ's are out in every MMO game bringing you updates, live game play, music for your events and guild interviews. Join our live DJs in our hosted chat room and request a song or dedicated to someone.