Raiding on Kilrogg EU, Horde


 As of December 2012 we have moved from Runetotem to Kilrogg. Site updates still need to be done to reflect this.


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The Highlights

- Established 2007. Raiding, achievements and a good guild chat.

- 10 man raiding. Wed/Sat/Sun 18.00-20:30 (GMT+1). Optional raid other days usually.

- Progression focus, but with a view to balance raiding with life.

- Preference for 18+ members, although exceptions have been made.

- We value dedication, friendlyness and a serious attitude to raiding.

Our Ethos

We are primarily a guild for 18+ raiders who enjoy a strong non-raiding social aspect too.  We like people who are active - but you don't need to log on every hour. We like people who make a full commitment to the guild and think of the guild as a family rather than a loose alliance of convenience.

We like people who take a serious attitude to raiding - and can raid with us 2 or 3 times a week. We  like  people who aren't scared of guild chat and aren't scared of being a vocal member of the guild inside and outside of raids.

We understand people have RL things to deal with - sometime at last minute on a raid night - and we respect that. We understand people need a break from time to time - we also respect that.

We don't like people who don't know what gear they need to raid. We don't like people who expect a free ride to raid epics. We don't like people who lurk and never say hi in guild. We don't like inmature behaviour and we don't like anything that negatively impacts our reputation on the server.


We run three main (progression) raid nights per week. Wed/Sat/Sun 18.00-20:30 server time. We raid as late as we can hold enough people online for  - but 20:30 is the standard end time.

We raid in a serious manner - as we want to maximise the raiding we get done in our raiding slots. Turning up on time (at the instance ready to raid 17:50 server time), bringing pots & flasks, gemming/enchanting gear, understanding bosses before the raid and running the Vent/raid addon's are all expected - and the people that do this thrive in our guild.

Looting is via Loot Council - rewarding our players based on overall contributions to the guild and raiding rather than rolls (random) or DKP (same result as loot council but more admin). Our loot council rules are documented .... (link to be added here soon).l

The general rule inside the guild is for no pugging of raids - unless we are at a higher progression level. Flex can be pugged whenever u want to, however u may only pug other raid bosses if there already has been a group in the guild that killed them. We are more flexible on alt's pugging - if they are not actively required for guild raiding.

Guild Applications

All applications are via the official website. This is a direct link to apply APPLY HERE

Officers / Class Leaders

Guild Leader: Calar (Calarz)

2ic: Shiftofshape

Officers: Cylar