MK Kinship Rules

This kinship is a fun, adult-oriented group; it is a haven for mature players who wish to spend their available ingame time enjoying the game. As mature players are independent and responsible, the rules will be fairly lenient.

  • At all times, you are a representative of our kinship. Please treat all adventurers in a respectful, friendly and courteous manner.
  • Harassment, threatening or aggression towards other kinmates is not permitted. If you have an issue with a kinmate, please try to deal with it cordially and in private. If the problem is not resolved, please bring it to the attention of the officers, and we will act as mediators.
  • No begging or whining. If you need assistance, please ask, however do not spam the kinchat with your request, and do not expect other players to drop their current activity to help you. Your quest/crafting needs are no more important than their own.
  • The kinship auctions are a priviledge for Mithril Knights members - please ensure that the items are for use for characters in MK only, and not for resale/alts/friends. Anyone found abusing the kinship auctions may be demoted and/or removed from the kinship.
  • There is a profanity filter, therefore in kinship chat, profanity is permitted. Excessive profanity is not necessary, but the occasional self-expression is tolerable. If your children or younger family members will be playing your characters, please inform the kinship prior to them logging in, and enable your profanity filter.
  • Subject matter in kinship chat may at times be rated mature. When a member advises the kin that a younger family member is going to log in, please refrain from inappropriate innuendo until kinchat has returned to mature members only.

Please stand by your kin and help when available. There is strength in numbers, and a loyalty towards each other will strengthen our kinship. Be good to each other, and have fun! These rules may be amended by the Officers after discussion. Please feel free to post suggestions in the suggestion thread.

MK Raiders Participation Rules

  • Raid groups will be formed in priority of Class Balance >> Gear >> Priority Cycle. Some exceptions may apply, please check with your raid leader.
  • Raiders will not be placed on Alt status for two consecutive weeks, unless it's unavoidable - ie 6 minstrels all sign up for the same raid for two weeks. In such situations, additional raids may be added to that week's schedule.
  • Raiders should familiarize themselves with their expected roles, and should be traited properly prior to the raid start time.
  • Raiders should have all appropriate food, drink, scrolls, potions and other consumables. Please check our forums for requirements.
  • Invitations begin approximately 30 minutes before the posted raid start time. Raiders should be logged in no later than 15 minutes before raid start to confirm their attendance. If they are not present and/or prepared, then they will be replaced with a standby and/or lose points.
  • Max time allocated for each raid is 3 hours - if you sign up, you are signing up for full run (unless otherwise posted - see Raid Locks when signing up)
  • If all participants wish to continue beyond the max time (if it is needed), then the raid will continue.

MK Raiders reserve the right to refuse raid participation to any raider who is not a team player. Courtesy, respect, and focus is expected of all raiders. Any raider who is found to be a deterrent to comradeship and a fun raiding atmosphere will not be given any priority on signups.

Loot System

  • EPGP system in effect. (Effort Points / Gear Points = Priority Rating)
  • Priority is determined via the EPGP priority and attendance priority. Members must have at least 20% attendance in order to roll on point valued loot.
  • GP is assigned immediately upon winning loot. EP is assigned at the end of a raid lock (ie If DN is spread out over two nights, then the priority from the first night is still used in the second night, but GP is added immediately.)
  • Only one piece of radiance gear or point valued jewelry can be won per person per raid lock, unless there are no other bidders.
  • Master Looter in effect for all chests. Alts may be brought in to roll for loot, however they must qualify for the raid, and should not roll against main characters. Bringing in an alt is acceptable if the group make-up forced a player to play a different character class.
  • All raid specific teal/orange/boa items have a designated point value. If no one wants the item, then they are vendor trashed.
  • Any class specific BOE is a need roll. It will have a 0 point value but must be bound immediately and confirmed by the raid leader. If no one wants the class specific item, then all raid participants may greed roll.

Point Allocations

There are various ways to earn Effort Points:

  • Being on-time and prepared
  • Being present for boss kills
  • Dedicating time in the raid

As we recognize that we may get more signups than the raid allows, we have also implemented a point system for Alt Signups. Alt signups are players who are prepared to fill a spot should someone need to leave the raid. This also helps ensure that we can continue to play even if a member needs to leave in the middle of the raid. In order to acquire points, the alt must be online and available to be summoned to ensure that the slot is filled quickly. You may log off your alt at the entrance of the instance and play on another character, as long as you notify the raid assistant and raid leader. At each boss kill, the raid assistant will confirm that you are still online on the other character. This applies to Barad Guldur, Dar Narbugud and Vile Maw.

An alt signup will acquire points for:

  • Being on time and prepared (full value)
  • Being online for the duration of the raid and each boss kill (approx 25% boss/time value)

EPGP is carried through to all the player's characters. This means if you raid on an alt, you earn EP on your main. If you win loot on an alt, you earn GP on your main.