Terms of Agreement


The Guild rules of Apocalypse WoW


• Always show HONOUR and RESPECT to fellow guild members and all other players.  We are all here to enjoy the game anyone found to be abusive or disruptive will be asked to leave.

• Players must be 18+ to gain entry into guild (unless already a member or exceptional circumstances, displaying maturity)

• No members of the guild will charge other members for crafting or enchanting services or runs.

• NO begging from other players or guild members. Apocalypse WoW members proudly earnt their equipment. If you need gold or reagents and are willing to trade or pay them back that is fine to ask, but do not expect handouts.

• Quests and Instances will be done with level appropriate groups. Do not ask higher level guild members to help you run through a quest or an instance for purposes of just completing the quest. The content is there as a learning experience and if not done in a level appropriate group you will not learn the skills required for future encounters. If guild members decide to run instances purely for the loot that is their decision.

• Check your attitude at the door - if you think the world owes you a living you’re better off on your own. This guild is a punk free zone, and that includes outside of guild relations in public chat. We simply will not tolerate a bad attitude and have no problem cutting folks who don’t play with a smile.

• Treat the guild bank like you do your own bank - Five people can collect an amazing amount of gold and materials - 50 can have basically everything. If you try to put in more than you take out we will have space problems which is a great problem to have. Need better chants? Put a bunch of mats in the bank and everyone will have them. Just treat the guild bank as you would your own and everything will go smoothly.
• Remember that we are playing a game for fun and enjoyment. If you aren't enjoying yourself and your fellow guild members you are free to leave.

• Be an Emmissary - No matter where you go or what you are doing, in guild or out, the same rules apply. Start a fight in trade chat and you’re on your own. Yes we want to do well, but we will not do it with our mouths. Giving us a bad rap will earn you a quick ticket back to wherever you came from. If you don’t have something nice to say keep your dang mouth shut - bow to people after you pound them in BG’s, that sort of thing. Play honourably and you will be honoured, it’s pretty simple and non-negotiable.

• Keep your hands to yourself - there will be NO problems with loot rolls, period. If there are problems, the person griping will have a difficult time getting a spot in future raids. A generous attitude will get everyone great gear, a gimme philosophy will just get you booted. There are plenty of epics to go around and if you are patient and helpful, we will go out of our way to make sure you get yours. If you’re all about gearing up yourself, then go do it by yourself.

• All of the above applies equally to how you act on our vent server. If you would like to chat with people from outside the guild on vent please ask an officer online before giving out any info. (2 or less invited is fine).

• If you would like to host a pug raid on vent you MUST ask an officer before inviting or you will receive a verbal warning or removal of vent privileges.

Disciplinary Actions: Any disregard to the Laws of the Guild will result in the following disciplinary actions.

• First Offense will result in a verbal warning. This may be issued through any Guild Officer’s, or the Guild Leader

• Second Offense will result demotion from Guildy status to Banishment. (Banishment is not a permanent status, but you will need to speak to the officer who demoted you to this rank in order for it to be reversed.) Do not expect to be removed from this rank straight away this is rank is a cooling off period. (take a walk outside for abit)

• Third Offense can result in removal from the guild.  Depending on the nature and severity, the Guild Officers and Leadership may institute immediate dismissal. If the Guild Member holds the rank of Guild Officer the member will be demoted from the rank and will be on probationary status for 1 month. After the 1-month probationary period the guild member is eligible to petition the Guild Leadership for reinstatement to Guild Officer.



Apocalypse WoW – Raid Rules & DKP Structure

~ Not Currently in Use - Worth a read if u wish to raid with us though ~





Mod Requirements


Raid Procedure

Loot Procedure




Mod Requirements


Before raiding with Apocalypse WoW, the following mods are required.

  • Deadly Boss Mods - A Boss fight mod that informs you of important boss mechanics

  • Ventrilo - A voice communication program. Mic is not required but you must be able to hear the Raid Leaders!

  • Omen Threat Meter - The Threat Metre

  • Bidder - A mod used to bid on items in 25man raiding with Apocalypse WoW




In all 25man raids, loot is assigned according to Apocalypse WoW's DKP System. This is a points based system, where points are gained and lost based on attendance, raid performance & behaviour. The aim of the DKP system is to assign loot fairly & justly to those who have earned it, obviously if you are new to raiding with Apocalypse WoW you are not going to be able to receive the best loot right away over a member who has been riading for months and been waiting for that loot. That said the DKP system does attempt to allow new raiders fair chance at loot by preventing hording of points.

Apocalypse WoW has two 25man raid teams. Team Apocalypse WoW; consisting of the guilds most powerful raiders, and Team Apoc; those working their way towards Team Apocalypse WoW

All 10 man raids are NOT official Apocalypse WoW raids, they can be freely organised by anybody, please use the “10man Raiding” section of the forums, not elsewhere. Feel free to use a DKP System based on the guilds official 25man DKP System , but you will have to keep track of points yourselves, we recommend a spreadsheet. We also recommend group loot over DKPfor 10man raiding, especially if you are constantly using the same 10 people! Ask an officer to place your raid events on the calender under a raid team name.

The following is the official raid rules and DKP Structure for 25man raiding in Apocalypse WoW.




The following is a list of rules/ettiguette guidelines, that is to be strictly followed upon raiding in Apocalypse WoW. They are in no particular order & are regularly updated/changed.

  • The appropriate lanuage is required, use of WoW tearms & acronyms is desired, along with excessive swearing.

  • NO abuse or harrassment will be tolerated!!!

  • NO Music at excessively high levels. All raiders must be able to clearly hear Ventrilo.

  • Any suggestions on Boss mechanices, or general strats, should be typed out in raid chat, not on vent, unless requested by the raid leader.

  • Flasks are required by ALL raiders on non-farm content, and atleast elixrirs on farmed content. DKP penalty's apply.

  • Ample reagents, such as arrows & reagents for buffs are expected. DKP penalty's apply.

  • A basic boss fight understanding is required, so please read up first. There are many websites dedicated to boss strats.

  • If you need to go to the toiled, or get a fresh cold beer, pst the raid leader for an appropriate time to do so. DKP penalties apply for been afk, make sure the raid leader knows!

  • If you need to leave a raid, for whatever reason, a 15min warning is required. No Body leaves a raid without providing a 15min warning to the raid leader. Unless an emergency.

  • If you want to Whinge, do it after the raid or risk losing DKP.

  • No Body zones into an instance until the raid leader allows it!

  • No looting while in combat!

    You Must Have Fun! These rules are enforced to create a fun & efficient raiding environment.


Raid Procedure


The following is the general raid procedure, all times based on Server Time.

  • 6:45pm – Invites start, all members of the raid team will automatically be invited via a mod, individual invites will be carried out over the next 5minutes.

  • 6:50pm - The “On Time DKP Bonus” is awarded to all players in the raid.

  • From the moment a players joins the raid, they are expected to be collecting their raid needs and be making their way to the zone summoning stone. Raids will start at 7pm! 10/15min is plenty of time to go to the auction house and your bank for your raid needs. NO BODY is to zone into the instance before the riad leader alows it, there will be an announcement. There are many reasons why the entire raid wait outside at the summoning stone till everyone is there and ready, one major reason is protecting the summoning stone from allies. Also in this period before 7pm, buff organisation & allocation will take place.eg. Pally Power.

  • If you plan to leave a raid early, or know you need a break at some stage, for whatever reason, you MUST let the raid leader know pror to 7pm, or ASAP.

  • 7pm - The scheduled starting time to zone in and begin the raid, often raids may begin late due to a lack of numbers or a number of reasons.

  • 7:05pm – By now all buffs should be up. Flasks/Elixirs, food buffs and other consumables consumed. Please wait till raid leader announces buffs up & flasks now, to save your rebuffing.

  • 7:30 – Is the usual time to call a raid, if it has not started yet, due to lack of numbers.


Extra Information Relating To Raid Procedure


  • If you ever need to leave during a raid, the raid leader required a 15min warning before you are able to leave the raid, unless an emergency.

  • Feel free to ask at any stage the raid is on trash or resurrecting after a wipe to go to the toiled or get a fresh cold beer, simply pst the raid leader, there should be an opportunity with 5-10min.

  • NEVER expect a break while working a boss! You leave 24 other people waiting! The raid leader will have regular breaks while working a boss.

  • Anybody found to be afk for more than 1minute will be replaced (benched) @ penalised appropriately.

While raiding Apocalypse WoW may be using specific chat channels:

Warlock Channel – For Curse Allocation


While marks are always changing and the raid leader will announce whats happening with that mark. The standard Apocalypse WoW marks are:


- Skull – First Kill/Main Tank

  - Moon – Sheep

- X – Second Kill/Off Tank

- Diamond - Banish

- Triangle – Sap/Third Kill

- Circle – Mind Control

- Star – Shackle/Fourth Kill

- Square – Hunter Trap


Loot Procedure


Awarding loot with the DKP system is very easy and fast, if everybody know the procedure and their current DKP. Before we start, a few points:

  • DKP gained during the raid is not included when bidding for items, we use DKP as of 6:45pm, that night. However, DKP spent or lost during the raid is subtracted at future loots.

  • DKP Officers update their GLRRDKP mod at 6:45, and you should check your dkp on the website prior to the raid aswell.

  • During the raid you can pst a DKP Officer “glrr” for your dkp.

  • Once you type something, it is official, you will rarely be able to withdraw your bid/words. Any fake bids will result in you being charge for that item, exceptions at raid leaders discression.

  • SILENCE is required while looting! No Body is to talk on vent, & absolutely no raid chat, this allows everyone to clearly see where the bidding is at. DKP penalty's apply!

  • There is a minimum bid of 100 & a minimum raise of 1.

  • Should recipees drop . . . If the recipee's item is BOP, DKP bidding shall commence. If the recipee item is BOE, it shall be rolled for. If the recipee itself is BOE, it shall be stored in the guild bank (raid leader may allow rolls on it for raiders of that proffesion).

The Loot Procedure is as follows:

  1. Once boss perishes, NO BODY loots anything! DO NOT touch the boss! The dead are resurrected and you will wait for raid leaders directions.

  2. If raid leader says you can loot your badges then do so, raid may have to wait till after loot assignment to collect their badges in some scenarios

  3. Raid Leader will call for vent silence and raid chat silence. Only once the raid leader announces in raid chat “Bids on ' '” can you bid, bids before this will not count.

  4. Bidding commences, there is a minimum bid of 100DKP for the first bid (you can always bid 100! Items can be purchased at minimum and ur DKP go into the negative). After that all bids require a minimum raise of 1. To bid for an item simply type in raid chat the amount of DKP you wish to bid .eg. “151”. The highest bid wins the loot. If you are no longer bidding you must type “Pass. If there are no bids within 5seconds the leader begins a countdown from 5. If no body outbids the highest bidder in those 5 seconds they are awarded the loot.

  5. If no body has bidded. A second round of bidding for offspec begins, this is via rolls, not DKP. You will not receive loot for your main spec in this round, if you didnt bid in forst round, you miss out.

  6. If still no body want the item, it is Disenchanted or stored in the Guild bank.


DKP Points Structure


Note: On the first of every month, DKP of ALL players is cut by 10%! This is to provide fair opportunity to newbies & prevent hording of points.





- Attendance

- Awarded per hour for being in raid, both in instance & on bench


- Boss Kill

- Awarded per Boss Kill (not awarded on new boss)


- New Boss Kill

- Awarded for New Boss Kill (first 3 times boss is killed)


- On Time Bonus

- In the raid at 6:50pm Server Time


- Iron Man

- In the raid for a full 4 hours


- Bonus

- At raid leaders discression on anything valid.


Another way points can be earned is through occasional bonuses, GMOTD will notify you of these. When the guild needs mats for resist gear or restocking guild bank.






- Noob

- Unintentionally pulling an add/mob while the raid is in combat, whether it leads to a wipe or not, unless order by raid leader.


- Scrub

- Unintentionally pulling an add/mob while the raid is NOT in combat, unless ordered by the raid leader.eg. Walking ahead.


- Raging Murloc

- Intentionally pulling an add/mob while the raid is in combat. Second offense per raid = raid kick & -60, total of -90


- Kami-Kazee

- Intentionally pulling an add/mob while raid is NOT in combat. Second offsense per raid = -80, a total of -120


- Leeroy

- Pulling a boss, intentionally or unintentionally. Second offense per raid = raid kick & -75, a total of -150


Raid Kick+

Ban from next raid

- Leeroy Jenkins!!!

- Intentionally pulling multiple mods in or out of combat.



- Unprepared

- For example, no flasks, no arrows, no reagents, not repaired, anything that holds up starting the raid.


- Time Wasting

- Waste raids time. Eg. Fall off a bridge, AFK.


- AFK Timer

- Per minute of time wasted, at raid leaders discression.


- 2nd Offence Time Wasting

- . . .



- 3rd Offense Time Wasting

- . . .


- Minor Level Abuse/Harassment

- At Raid Leaders discression.


- Major Level Abuse/Harassment

- At Raid Leaders discression.


- Portal+Summon

- If you run out of an item & require a portal & summon.


- Penalty

- At Raid Leaders discression on anything valid. If you believe it not just or valid, you can launch an appeal by contacting Queen Rampton out of raid to attempt to get points redeemed or by creating a post in the "DKP" section of the forums.





If you have any comments, query's or suggestions, please reply to the thread titled "Apocalypse WoW Raid Rules & DKP Structure Responses" in the "Suggestions" section of the forums. DO NOT reply or comment on peoples responses, this thread is not for discussions.

The following is a list of answers to some frequently asked questions: