Guild Rules and Guidelines


* Ventrilo: Every member of the guild will be expected to have vent installed and operational at ANY raid or guild function. While we don't require that you speak on it, it does make things easier.

* Mods: Not sure if this will be applicable yet, but if it is we will require you to have any guild mods downloaded, installed, and up-to-date. Most mods that we want you to have will be available through this site under the gallery section.

* Age: We hope since this is a T rated game most children under 18 won't be playing, but if there are we expect to know about it. If you are an adult and want your child to have access to this guild, YOU take all responsibility for said child and are clear that this is not a "safe for children" guild. Expect harsh language and the such.


* Responsibilities: Officers are peacekeepers. They are the few chosen that show leadership qualities and therefor must act as leaders. They will be required to know their class inside and out as well as substantial information about other classes. They must also have extensive knowledge of the game, in all aspects, and be willing and able to parlay that info regularly. They must be able to make efficient, quick decisions and execute cooperation flawlessly.

* Officer Termination: At any given time if the other officers or guild members feel that an officer is not doing their job, Officers will have a meeting and discuss the situation with said officer. In the rare case of an officer causing heavy problems for the guild, they will be demoted or removed from the guild (situational).

* Individual Responsibilities: Some officers may find that they are tasked with additional "jobs" such as "Recruiter", "Raid Leader" "Siege Lead", to just name a few. It will be expected that the officer will not only perform normal duties but a specialization as well.


* Member Ranks: Besides officer ranks, members will also have a sort of hierarchy within themselves. If you gain rank in the guild, it will be up to you and you alone to keep it. If you do not participate or help other members expect to lose that rank.

* Member Termination: There is no 3 strikes and you are out in this guild . You may be removed on your first serious infraction, depending on its severity or its impact on the guild as a whole.


* Raid Types: There will be 2 types of raids, Scheduled and Improvised.

*Scheduled raids are just that, scheduled. These will be listed on the calendar and ran by the leadership. This raid type will be run at least once a week early on and may or may not be raised to more per week as the guild progresses. Everyone is welcome to participate as long as the raid requirements are met. Raid requirements will be posted on the calendar under the specific raid.

*Improvised raids are impromtu raids thrown together. These raids will not be listed on the calendar, and may or may not be run by the leadership. Raid slots are given out under the discretion of the raid leader. This type of raid will be the most commonly used.

* Raid Ready: This web site has a feature called "Raid Ready" which basically lets us know if you are able to make a scheduled raid. You will be expected to participate to guild standards, coming prepared in all forms, have the required time alotted to play, and to adhere to commands given by the leadership.

* All Rules are subject to change without notice.
*any questions or comments feel free to post them in the forums under the appropriate category or send a pm to an officer.