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 Welcome to Creatures of Honour


i) About us

      ii) What we are looking for

      iii) Applications

      iv) Trial Requirements

2. Ranks

      i) Structure

      ii) Raider Requirements     

      iii) Raider Rank Promotion

     3. Raiding

      i) Raiding teams

      ii) Raid roster selection

      iii) Loot distribution

      iv) PuGs and raiding with alts

4. Guild Vault

      i) Raid usage

      ii) Contributions

      iii) Buying items from the GV



i) About Us

Creatures of Honour (CoH) is a 10man raiding guild based on Kilrogg EU. Originally based on Runetotem, CoH was founded in 2007 but after 5 years on the server the decision was made to move to Kilrogg at the end of 2012.

We raid 3-4 evenings per week, and although we only raid 7.5-10 hours in total we still aim for progressive raiding. We may not be a hardcore raiding guild but this does not stop us from aiming high. We have skilled players who are only limited by their real life commitments and as such we want to ensure we can provide a raid environment that allows our members to see raid content.


ii) What we are looking for

Our age requirement is 18+ this is because we enjoy using guild chat and would like to maintain a relatively mature environment. The only exception to this is if family members join as social.

As a mature guild we understand our members have real life commitments and we will always be considerate of any circumstances that may limit your raiding availability, however we do expect you to raid as much as possible if you are applying for a raid spot.

Although we like to have a joke we also expect our members to be respectful of others, this includes acting appropriately outside of the guild as you are a representative of CoH.


iii) Applications

It is important that the character you apply with is your main, not just for the raiding aspect but also because we want our members to be involved with the guild socially.

Your application is your way of introducing yourself to the guild, with this in mind we do expect all applications to have time invested in them to ensure we get a good idea of who you are. The social aspect of our guild is equally as important as you being a viable member of our raid team, so please look at a couple of our accepted applications.

Joint applications are acceptable in some cases as we do often have groups of friends, couples and family members applying together. It is important to note that everyone is required to have an individual forum account so you can sign for raids and be active on the forum.


iv) Trial Requirements

Trial Period
When you enter the guild you will be placed at Recruit rank where you will remain for a minimum of 2 weeks. At the end of your trial period, you may be promoted, your trial may be extended or in some cases you may be removed from the guild.

When you completed your application, you selected a specific raid team. This will now always be considered your main team.

If at any point you feel the raiding times and days of your original team are not suitable for you, you must first talk to both raid leaders and Calar to discuss whether this is possible. At this point the officers will all be made aware of the situation and a discussion will take place to decide if it is viable to switch you between teams.

We aim to be as flexible as possible with raiding times, however we run small team raiding rosters and are therefore very careful about how many people we have on each team at any one time.

Signing for Raids
During your trial you are expected to sign for, and attend as many raids as possible. You must use the Rapid Raid tool for signing for raids, please read this post to ensure you can do this.

You can access the Rapid Raid tool on the navigation bar under the forum banner. You must ensure you select the correct raiding team by using the selection menu on the right. You can then begin to sign for raids. You must at all times be either Available, Tentative or Unavailable. Not signing at all is not acceptable.

Set up your TeamSpeak prior to your first raid. The information for doing this can be found here.
Familiarise yourself with your raid teams forum section to get an idea of what bosses you may be seeing. We expect our raiders to come prepared to raids, this means you must have invested time in learning the encounters.

Take some time to browse the forum, you may find some interesting and useful posts and it will allow you to get a better feel for the guild. Enjoy guild chat and raiding with us. The best of luck with your trial.




i) Structure

  • Officer: The officers have a variety of roles to do with the running of the guild and are listed in brief here.

Calarz: Raid Assist & Guild Master

Cylur: Raid Leader

Shiftofshape: Raid Assist & Web Admin


  • Raider: This is the rank for our most dedicated and skilled members. You will be placed at this rank if you meet the raider requirements listed in section ii.
  • Member: This is the rank for our social members and anyone undergoing a 2 week trial period to see if they will be considered for a promotion to Raider.
  • Shadow: This is the rank for alts, we have no limit for how many you can have in the guild.
  • Recruit: Your starter rank in the guild should you be accepted.


ii) Raider Requirements

We actively monitor our raiding teams using WoL, Rapid Raid and through raiding performance. These requirements have been set out to ensure both raiding teams maintain a high standard of raid preparation and progression to ensure we can be competitive despite our limited raiding hours.

Failure to meet the requirements listed here will result in a demotion to Member rank whereby you must speak to the appropriate raid leader to  be reconsidered for Raider rank (see section iii).

Rapid Raid
Ensuring you always sign whether it be Available, Tentative or Unavailable.
Ideally you should sign for 3 raids in advance (at least as Tentative if you do not know if you will be available).

If Tentative, changing your sign to Available or Unavailable no later than 1 hour before the raid (16:30 server time).

Good class and role knowledge
Keeping updated with any class changes and adapting to these changes.
Sharing your knowledge with others can be beneficial under the 'Class Guides' forum. This is particularly useful for everyone to gain a better understanding of different classes as it may improve an entire raid teams performance.
Speaking to other people who play the same class is something we really want to promote.

Preparation for improving raid performance
Both professions at maximum level with at least one of these being blacksmithing, tailoring, leatherworking, alchemy, jewelcrafting, enchanting or engineering.
There is no excuse for not having the best possible enchants and gems for your gear as these are provided by the guild.
Ensure you are reforged correctly.

Use of consumables
There is no excuse for not using consumables during a raid as they are provided for you.
We expect flasks to be used and prepotting to be done.

Good tactical knowledge
Knowing encounter specific abilities and being able to adapt your class to help counter these i.e changing talents, glyphs, reforging etc.
Knowing basics of an encounter but also striving to know more; being involved in TeamSpeak discussion and forum tactic discussions, if you have an idea, share it.

Effort outside of raids
Putting in additional effort to get the best possible gear that is available to you; LFR, crafting, valor capping, reputation gaining, having charms available each week for additional rolls.
Looking through logs for information to see if there are areas where you can improve. Looking at people that are in a similar role or of the same class to see if they do anything differently.

Regular attendance
Minimum of 60% attendance maintained each month, this includes being signed Available and being online for raid invites regardless of whether you are in the raid or not.

We expect people will have holidays, real life emergencies, exams, babies and other things requiring time away from raiding. The critical thing here is that these things are communicated to the raid leaders and officers so that we can plan around them. Where possible we try and make-do while people are absent but we cannot be considerate and plan for situations we are unaware of.

If you start to regularly miss raids or suddenly become inactive without prior notice, or making us aware of unavoidable regular absence as soon as possible, you will be demoted. We do understand emergency situations may occur and you may have a holiday occuring for longer than a 2 week duration, but we also have to consider the impact on the other people within your team who were aiming to raid, therefore you may have been replaced.

We aren't big fans of technical excuses and as such raiding on an old Nimbus 286 won't be much good. You should have a PC/MAC that can run WoW and have a good internet connection. The occasional disconnection is acceptable but if you vanish every 10 minutes during a progression kill, it will not be ideal.

Reliability may affect your place within a raid team. This also links to the consistent use of the Tentative function on Rapid Raid, we will always consider people who are Available before those who are Tentative for a raid spot, and as raid plans are generally formed 4 days in advance failing to adjust your signs may result in you losing your raiding spot for that raid.

iii) Raider Rank Promotion

If you are currently at Member rank and would like to become a Raider you must first talk to the raid leader of the team.

It is at the raid leader's discretion to decide if you should be considered for a trial raiding spot based on the size of their roster and need for your specific class/role in their raid. This will require some discussion between the raid teams management, so please be patient in waiting for your response.

You will undergo a 2 week trial whereby you must meet the Raider requirements in order to be considered for a promotion. This is to ensure that everyone at this rank has earnt their place within the team. Please take note that if you initially joined as social and pass your trial to become Member, you will have to do a total of 4 weeks under trial in order to become a Raider (2 weeks general trial, 2 week raiding trial).



i) Raiding Schedule

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 17:30 - 20:00

ii) Raid roster selection

We try to plan the raid composition atleast an hour in advance based on current Available signs. It is important that you place yourself as Available as soon as you know you are able to raid to ensure you will be considered for a raid place. Leaving yourself on Tentative will be marked as Unavailable 30 minutes before the raid starting time.

You should ideally be online 15 minutes before your raid is due to start so invites can be done. If you are not online atleast 5 minutes before the raid start time you may lose your chance to raid for the evening. Please bare in mind that this means we may not have fully filled the group until the raid is due to start so you must be patient.

As with most 10man raiding guilds we must select raid places based on the goal of each raiding day. As we move into heroic progression, it is especially important that we take the best possible team available, not only based on boss mechanics, but also buff cover and those who have improved their performance or who are consistently performing well.

We actively monitor the amount of raids people are taken to against their sign percentage and performance in each raid. This ensures we can reward those who are following Raider Requirements in terms of coming to raids prepared, proving to be a skilled player and improving each week. 

We never consider anyone to be a 'sub' but no single person is more important than everyone else to justify being promised a raid spot 100% of the time. This means that everyone must expect to sit from a raid occasionally, no matter what rank, class or role you are.


iii) Loot distribution

CoH uses a loot council to distribute gear. We feel that this system allows loot to be distributed in a way that will benefit the raid team as a whole. Raiders will be given loot as priority before Members/Recruits are considered, this is because Raider rank is earnt and is given to our most dedicated and hardworking players.

If an alt is brought to a raid it may be considered for loot at the same level as anyone under Member rank if they regularly raid on a specific character.

During a raid, everyone that is interested in an item should link their current corresponding item(s) in raid chat. Please ensure that you also mention whether an item is BiS or in the case of a tier piece, how many pieces you currently have.

If you have proven to show little or no effort in improving your own gear (i.e avoiding LFR or gaining reputations) an item that would be a larger upgrade for you may go to someone who has attempted to improve their gear in their own time.

Once a discussion has taken place amongst the loot council, the item will be given to the appropriate raider. If you have any queries regarding loot distribution during a raid, please speak to an officer in whisper.

BoE items will be distributed in the same way as other items. Any items that are not needed will be placed into the guild vault (please see section 4 for more information). Recipes will be given to active raiders who will craft items for themselves or other guild members.


iv) PuGs and raiding with alts

CoH is an active raiding guild and as such we expect all of our members to be available to raid when possible. Joining a PuG is generally unacceptable as you are making yourself unavailable to the guild for the entire raid week, rare exceptions may be made but you must first speak to an officer and give good reason behind why you would need to PuG. Basically, don't do it.

Raiding with alts is acceptable especially within the guild. In some cases you may be asked to raid on an alt if it would benefit the raid team on specific bosses. Raiding with an alt to assist the raid team you do not usually raid with is highly appreciated if they are lacking numbers, therefore it is beneficial if you do not PuG even with alts.



i) Raid usage

Raiders are provided with feasts, flasks and pots during raids for free. Members may also use the guild repair function.

Feasts will be placed by raid assists to prevent multiple feasts being used. Flasks and pots can be accessed by raiders and therefore we expect you to do this sensibly i.e don't take them all out for personal use.


ii) Contributions

All contributions to the guild vault are welcome. We aim to provide as much as we can for our raiders, however it can become difficult to maintain stock levels. Where possible we appreciate it if people make contributions to the GV in the form of gold and materials.

If we are running particularly low on an item, a "call to arms" post will be made on the forum asking for help in collecting specific items whether this be fish, herbs, meat etc.


iii) Using items in the GV

Pots, Flasks, Feasts, Enhancements and Enchants are provided for free (within reason) to anyone at Raider rank. This does not mean that you don't need to put any effort in for consumables for raiding, because as of Legion we simply can not provide without 'you' providing the mats to craft.

If you would like a BoE item from the guild vault please ask an officer for it. They will want to know if it is  being used on your main or an alt. In most cases you can have BoE items for free, if it is being used for an alt you may have to pay 50% current AH price for it.

Any recipes can be obtained by asking an officer for them. If they have not already been designated to specific guild crafters you will be able to have them.