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re: App: WizAusch

The application submitted by WizAusch is as follows:

Raid Days: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday between 18:00-20:30 server time (CET).(NOTE: This is subject to changes during Daylight Saving Times)

Are there any days you are unable to raid based on your selected teams raiding schedule?:

Will you require time off soon for a holiday or other commitment? Please tell us dates you are unavailable:

About Your Character

Character Name:

Current Server:

Please provide a link to your armory profile:

What is your primary spec?:

What is your secondary spec?:

What is your experience with both specs?:
I am familiar with both specs, can pull consistent dps with both

Alts of importance:
Tank DH 874 ilvl


Raiding Information

Please tell us about your raid experience:
Done HC EM and 2/3 HC Tov

Why have you chosen to apply to our guild?:
Heard about the guild from a friend

What was/is your favorite raid boss and why?:
Lich king, I just love the character <3

We use TeamSpeak 3, do you have this installed?:

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it?:

Guild Information

How did you find out about Creatures of Honour?:
Friend/family in CoH

Please list your previous guilds, and the reasons for leaving:
Circle of Light ( Phoenix spiritus later on), The guild broke after wod.
Vanilla ice (Havent left, got chars there)

About You

Tell us about yourself - name, age, country of residence, hobbies, interests etc (Socials: tell us who you know in the guild):
Joni, 21, finland, Gaming, PCs and electronics

What are your main goals in WoW?:
Have fun, Get lootz

Got a joke for us?:
My arena rating :C

Have you read this [] post and understood it?:

If the answer is "Yes" then you should be able to answer the next question

What loot system do we use and how do we specifically use this in raids?:
You use loot council, loot priority goes for ppl with raider guild rank.
You should link you old item if you wish to get something to replace it so ensure that it is a proper upgrade / Tier for you
Boes go to G bank if someone doesnt rly need them.

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re: APPROVED - App: WizAusch - by Cylur


Surprised you found the Website....

Welcome to CoH. Want to know who you know in here btw...

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