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Clan Website Hosting

Clan websites are a great way for people with common characteristics and interests to network and exchange ideas. Clan websites are particularly valuable to MMORPG gamers looking to enhance their experience by adding players and characters. Clan web hosting from Gamer Launch is an excellent way for any gamer looking to launch a site to attract others who share the love of more than 250 thrilling games like World of Warcraft, Aion, Warhammer Online, and Age of Conan, to name a few.

How to Build Your Clan

When it comes to building a successful gaming clan, effective recruiting of gamers and their characters is essential. When you select Gamer Launch for your clan site hosting, you gain access to our valuable recruiting tools that allow you to design your own customized recruiting form and post your applications to the forums of your choice.

Our exclusive Launchpad feature gives you access to a variety of forums geared toward individuals who share your particular gaming interest. You'll even be able to recruit with the aid of specific class indicators you place on your site's home page. With Gamer Launch, our online recruiting tools do most of the work for you!

A Long List of Clan Website Hosting Features

Gamer Launch offers a number of useful features to make clan web hosting easy. Advanced character and member management tools mean you can easily add new gamers and characters to help your website grow. The wide range of widget configuration options allows for maximum functionality and makes for the best user experience possible.

You can register to use Gamer Launch in a matter of minutes and begin the process of building your site immediately. And with our high quality, engaged customer support team, you'll get quick answers to any questions regarding how to use and manage each feature. It's no wonder Gamer Launch has a larger user base and more sites than most of our competitors.

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