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About Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune - Fallen Earth MMO Clan

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Mission Statement

To provide Enforcers, Lightbearers, and Techs with an engaging and supportive clan thereby providing the most entertaining clan experience on Fallen Earth.

Clan Goals

  1. Attract and retain leaders who work well in a team environment.
  2. Successful in all aspects of game play, particularly group events (instances and PvP).
  3. Maintain an efficient logistics system via harvesting and crafting that ensures our members are equipped with the best in level gear.
  4. Ensure high levels of esprit de corps and camaraderie amongst our members.


To achieve our goals all members must be willing to contribute and work together as a team.




Clan Motto, Identity, and History


“De oppresso liber” Meaning – To Liberate the Oppressed.


Soldiers of Fortune is a paramilitary organization fighting for order and justice across the wasteland.

Soldiers of Fortune are aggressive towards our enemies, No Quarter Asked and None Given, and compassionate towards the oppressed and those in need of our help.

The ideal Soldier of Fortune is a master of the game, yet humble and composed in his or her manners. Think of us as an elite unit with a lighthearted “ The A-Team” style of behavior except more accurate…way more accurate.

History (In Game)

Magnus Norman, the Clan leader, upon arrival to the wasteland was attacked by several CHOTA. Wounded and near death Magnus stumbled upon a redoubt. The redoubt was a bunker used by several ex-military families who fled shortly after the downfall of society began and staid there for several generations. Within the bunker Magnus found several skeletons of the family members, a journal of their leader, some supplies and an extensive collection of paramilitary and survivalist books.

Magnus Norman spent several weeks tending to his wounds in the bunker and reading and digesting all the knowledge within. The families spoke of great hopes for getting society back on track and establishing order so there could be peace in the world again. Seeing the violence firsthand, the aspirations of the families struck a nerve down deep with Magnus.

Magnus learned of a great fight between the families and the CHOTA. The final entries in the journal mention the families falling victim to increasing poison and gas attacks. In the bunkers jail, Magnus finds two skeletons in a cell and what looks like to be a canister of poison gas. It appears the CHOTA sent a Trojan horse and destroyed the families from within.

Within the library there were several archives on society, philosophy, the military and technical manuals. It was here in the redoubt, tending to his wounds and learning, that Magnus realized his purpose in life was to pick up where the families left off and bring order from the chaos.

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